Course Title: FRENCH III
Code Course Type Regular Semester Lecture Recit. Lab Credits ECTS
FL 307 B 5 - - - 3 5
Lecturer and Office Hours: Eglantina Gishti
Teaching Assistant(s) and Office Hours: -
Language: English
Compulsory/Elective: Elective
Classroom and Meeting Time: N/A
Course Description: -
Course Objectives: In this course you learn how to handle successfully a variety of social situations you may encounter in daily life in France or other French-speaking countries, or when meeting French-speaking people. You learn to maintain non-complicated face-to-face conversations, and to perform such tasks as introducing yourself, asking directions, understanding a TV program or writing an e-mail. These basics are acquired by using the textbook and through a wide range of real-life situations, performed either individually or in groups. Grammar, cultural topics, current issues and pronunciation are main concerns, too. REACH the skills described in the level A2 of The Common European Framework of Reference for languages. The final objective of this course series is to obtain an intermediate level of proficiency in French, aimed at communication with people in the region in everyday social situations and enabling students to follow current affairs in the region via various media.
Week Topics
1 DOSSIER 1: LEÇON 1: Describe a person and a friendly relationship GRAMMAR : Relative pronoun, agreement of P. past, Phonetic: Homophones (All in audio) Exercises
2 DOSSIER 1: LEÇON 2 : Report of words, Mention of positive changes GRAMMAR : Speech direct-indirect, Comparison, Imperfect Phonetic : Intonation, Exercises
3 DOSSIER 1: LEÇON 3 : Tell a Meeting, Travel Diary GRAMMAR : Past tense et Imperfect, Temporal Markers… PHONETIC : Identification of P. tense et imperfect, Practice – Exercises
4 DOSSIER 2: LEÇON 1: Tell a academic and professional experience GRAMMAR: Pluperfect Adverb. PHONETIC : Identification, adverbs, Exercises
5 DOSSIER 2: LEÇON 1: Tell a academic and professional experience GRAMMAR: Pluperfect Adverb. PHONETIC : Identification, adverbs, Exercises
6 DOSSIER 2: LEÇON 1: Tell a academic and professional experience GRAMMAR: Pluperfect Adverb. PHONETIC : Identification, adverbs, Exercises
7 TOWARD THE DELF A2 REVISION DOSSIER 3: LEÇON 1 : Country and inhabitants, Stereotypes GRAMMAR : Relatives où et dont, Demonstratives celui, celle, ceux, celles PHONETIC : Percentages, Exercises
8 Mid - Term
9 DOSSIER 3: LEÇON 2 :Discuss change of life and cultural differences GRAMMAR : Reversed question, Undefined pronouns et adverbs PHONETIC : Syllables, Exercises
10 DOSSIER 3: LEÇON 3 : Comparative Study, Classification,Talk about place of life,Travel Diary GRAMMAR : Superlatif, Highlight Ce qui / Ce que … PHONETIC : Pronunciation de Plus, Practice – Exercises
11 DOSSIER 4: LEÇON 1 : Make account of an event, Blogosphere GRAMMAR : Interrogatif and possessive pronouns, Take blogs PHONETIC : Astonishment or simple question, Intonation, Exercises
12 DOSSIER 4: LEÇON 2 : Newspaper Titles, Opinion on a program GRAMMAR : Nominalization, Kind of names, Highlight PHONETIC : Expressive accent , Exercises
13 DOSSIER 4: LEÇON 3 : Account, Fact various, Testify of an event GRAMMAR : Temps du passé, Passive, Accord du P. passé, Travel Diary PHONETIC : Vowel Sequences , Practice - Exercises TOWARD THE DELF A2 REVISION
14 Final
Textbook: Alter Ego+ 2, Livre d’Eleve; Alter Ego + 2, Cahier d’ Exercices. C. Hugot, V. Kizirian, B. Sampsonis, M. Waendendries, A Berthet.
Other References: Video, & on line materials.
Laboratory Work: N/A
Computer Usage: N/A
Others: No
1 Develop necessary knowledge and know-be to any successful communication.
2 Interact in situations on function of its life and its culture.
3 Develop know-how but also the strategies which leads toward self.
4 Speak and understand FRENCH
5 Identify the main ideas in a personal mail or in a text dealing with a familiar theme.
(Blank : no contribution, 1: least contribution ... 5: highest contribution)
No Program Competencies Cont.
Method Quantity Percentage
Midterm Exam(s)
Final Exam
Total Percent: 100%
Activities Quantity Duration(Hours) Total Workload(Hours)
Course Duration (Including the exam week: 16x Total course hours) 16 3 48
Hours for off-the-classroom study (Pre-study, practice) 16 2 32
Mid-terms 1 10 10
Final examination 1 14 14
Other 7 3 21
Total Work Load:
Total Work Load/25(h):
ECTS Credit of the Course: