Course Title: THESIS
Code Course Type Regular Semester Theory Practice Lab Credits ECTS
BAF 800 F 5 0 0 0 0 120
Academic staff member responsible for the design of the course syllabus (name, surname, academic title/scientific degree, email address and signature) NA
Lecturer (name, surname, academic title/scientific degree, email address and signature) and Office Hours: Uğur Ergün
Second Lecturer(s) (name, surname, academic title/scientific degree, email address and signature) and Office Hours: NA
Teaching Assistant(s) and Office Hours: NA
Language: English
Compulsory/Elective: Compulsory
Classroom and Meeting Time:
Course Description: PhD Thesis and its progress
Course Objectives: Students will complete their thesis by identifying a unique research question, the literature review leading up to the question and hypothesis, the methods to answer the question and test the hypothesis. Students will carry out the proposed methods and discuss their results in the context of the literature. Students will demonstrate an ability to organize and express their ideas in accordance with accepted academic norms and ethics.
Week Topics
1 Identify research question, objective/s and motivation
2 Draft abstract and expected empirical results
3 Draft introduction and analytical framework
4 Conduct theory and policy implementation
5 Draft literature review
6 Develop dataset, data description and hypothesis
7 Draft empirical research model and methods
8 Perform empirical analyze and discuss results
9 Regular Meetings and Discussions
10 Regular Meetings and Discussions
11 Regular Meetings and Discussions
12 Regular Meetings and Discussions
13 Regular Meetings and Discussions
14 Regular Meetings and Discussions
Textbook: Hill, R. C., Griffiths E. W., & Lim, G. C. (2008). Using Eviews for principles of econometrics. USA, Wiley.
Other References:
Laboratory Work: Using Computer Labs
Computer Usage: Eviews, SPSS and Stata software
Others: No
1 Students will identify a significant research question
2 Students will contextualize the question and hypothesis in the literature of the field
3 Students will develop a hypothesis
4 Students will develop methods to answer the research question and test the hypothesis
5 Students will carry out planned methods
6 Students will present results in light of academic norms
7 Students will contextualize results and discuss the limitations and significance of the study in light of literature
8 Students will follow ethical standards and academic norms in documenting sources
9 Students will demonstrate an ability to conduct research, think critically, and organize ideas in effective ways
(Blank : no contribution, 1: least contribution ... 5: highest contribution)
No Program Competencies Cont.
Doctorate (PhD) in Economics: Banking and Finance profile Program
1 Students develop and deepen knowledge of economics to an expert level 5
2 Students investigate the latest theories in a specialized economic field 5
3 Students identify the gaps and limitations in the literature in their field of specialization 5
4 Students assess the interdisciplinary links between economics and related fields 3
5 Students critically analyze, synthesize and evaluate new and complex ideas 5
6 Students apply advanced research methods in economics 5
7 Students make an original contribution to the science 5
8 Students defend their research and critique that of others using appropriate levels of precision and nuance 3
9 Students identify, participate in, organize and lead activities, such as panels, workshops and conferences, that aim to develop solutions for novel and interdisciplinary problems 3
10 Students find creative solutions for social, scientific, and ethical problems in the context of the science 3
11 Students share their findings with the wider community 3
12 Students compile and publish research articles in reputable journals 5
Method Quantity Percentage
Total Percent: 100%
Activities Quantity Duration(Hours) Total Workload(Hours)
Course Duration (Including the exam week: 16x Total course hours) 16 5 80
Hours for off-the-classroom study (Pre-study, practice) 16 182.5 2920
Mid-terms 0
Assignments 0
Final examination 0
Other 0
Total Work Load:
Total Work Load/25(h):
ECTS Credit of the Course: